Two weeks ago, on May 16th, I went to Canyon trip with 8th graders and 7th graders. The time when we tried to meet was 8 o’clock but I thought it was 9 so we left the city at 8:40. It took us almost 4 hours to arrive to Canyon. While going to Canyon, we had times when we could go to bathroom, but I was sleeping so I didn’t have chance to go to bathroom. When we arrived to Canyon, the first thing that I was looking for was bathroom and I found the bathroom after 5 minutes. However it was LOCKED!!! I couldn’t enjoy the environment until we reached the place where we had our lunch. And there I finally found BATHROOM!!!! Afterwards we had lunch and solved some science problems. Then, after having our lunch, we headed back to the place where our bus was waiting. And while heading back to our bus, we took some pictures. Canyon trip was pretty fun if I don’t count the beginning parts.